I abused the binding of my new Gekkan Shoujo anthology for you, so enjoy! Tsubaki Izumi did an extra chapter especially for it, and once I read it I had to translate it. Zip file is here with the cover image and a couple other drawings included. I highly recommend buying the anthology even if you can’t read Japanese, it’s pretty great.



my life is just one big ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Sousuke the type that see you stuck in a tree and be like “help yourself” when you ask him for help but the moment you slip on the way down he run and dive tryna catch you


I don’t think you guys realize how important Codename: Kids Next Door was.

The majority of our (basically) canonical couples were interracial, the greatest Supreme Leader the KND ever had was a female, and so many actually strong female characters like Numbuh’s 3, 5, 86, 362, and I even count Lizzie because of how chill she was about getting trapped in a mirror reality.

The undertones of respect Numbuh 86 had for Numbuh 362 even when, as far as the rules went, Numbuh 362 wasn’t in power and Numbuh 86 still obeyed her.

I’m also pretty sure Numbuh 1 was going through chemo, either that or he was just a bald child.

Lets not forget how there was never a moment in this show that made a snide remark or hint about the female operatives not being able to do something or it being too dangerous for them. The few times some jerk adult mentioned something even remotely insinuating they confronted the comment and called them out on how ridiculous it was, and then surpassed whatever stupid line was set.

Also, there was none of that “I won’t hit you because you’re a girl”, or “you can’t hit me I’m a girl”, everybody beat the crap out of each other, fought over the remote, helped each other out, and asked each other for help regardless of anything.

I’d screen cap for you but literally every episode has an example of it.

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Miyano: Since we're done with voicing the series [at this point], I want you to forget [the aftermath] for a bit and tell us about how you felt acting that scene in episode 11. There hadn't been a moment before where Haruka's emotions exploded like that [in the argument scene between Makoto and Haruka]. How was it? Were you nervous?
Shimazaki: I WAS nervous! I was anxious about showing Haruka's character [the right way] and worried about how he would appear to everyone. Throughout the ENTIRE second season, Haruka is worried and lost about his future and what he'll do…
Miyano: The worrying protagonist (trope).
Shimazaki: Yeah. I actually really like those, when someone in their youth is worrying about the changes that lie ahead. Rin always appeared bright to Haruka since the first episode. When [Rin] decided right away [in childhood] on what he wanted to do and when he said he would make the best team, he looked sparkling-- but [Haruka] himself didn't have that. Of course, [Haruka] wants to swim for his team, but when it came to his future, he didn't have anything. A normal high school kid, at least in my experience, doesn't decide that clearly on what they want for their future.
Miyano: Yeah, not everyone is like that.
Shimazaki: They could go to university and stretch out their feelers on what they'd like to do there. But for Haruka [because of his skill], he is at that moment, being pressured to decide. So I could understand why he would feel lost. As Haruka, I felt that he's the kind who is very sensitive of others emotions and takes that in [whether he wants to or not]… so he feels very sensitively the expectations and wishes of everyone and the unknown scouts around him-- and he's unable to let that slide off of him. It makes him feel even more down and uncertain. When Haruka acts based on his emotions, that's when things go well for him, I guess is the way to say. Through his emotions he gets stronger [emotionally]; he's firm about what he likes, what he dislikes, and about his desire to swim. But since his future got involved this time, he went by what he thought instead, using logic and stuff that he normally doesn't think with [rather than what he instinctively felt], so he got stuck for longer than he should have. As I'm sure you've already seen in episode 12-- no matter how much he worried, if he'd just thought "I want to swim"… it wouldn't have been the answer to everything, but it would have helped a great deal for him on an emotional level in feeling that his future was free to pursue. But because he went with logic instead, it made him feel more and more dejected. That was the flow of the story in episode 11, but in episode 9 he also blew up at Rin, right? So in that situation where everyone is coming down at him about deciding his future, here comes his Iwatobi friends who didn't really speak to him that much about it. First, there's Nagisa and Rei, who told him how they felt about it kindly, in a gentleman-like way. And Haruka isn't able to push them away about it because he loves them, he understands how they're feeling, and he knows that they're being nice about it. But because he doesn't understand [what to do], he says as much and he runs away. Then, here comes the last stronghold, Makoto. In the scene before it, there was one where [Haruka] is on edge because they're talking about what they'll do after graduation, and Makoto reads the atmosphere and says normal everyday things like "Why don't we go to the festival?" to help Haruka to relax. So [Haruka] feels grateful to Makoto about that, but since Makoto wants to talk about his own future too, he gets upset again. To me, Makoto was really the last stronghold. [Makoto] doesn't push [Haruka] or force him into something, and [Makoto] stays by his side while he's worrying about his future like this. He kind of stagnates with him, and you think there could be a bit of dependency involved, but now this last stronghold comes to tell him to not run away. That's why it shook Haruka really hard.
Miyano: He must have felt really pained by it.
Shimazaki: When he said "Not you too!" his expression was one of deep anguish.
Miyano: Despite what [Haruka] said, you could tell [from that scene] that he relied on Makoto a great deal… But since he's thinking a great deal and feeling confused about his future while being shown all these different paths by other people, Haruka must have felt that he wanted to change, right?
Shimazaki: Yes!
Miyano: If he really didn't care [about changing] and he liked the way he was now, then it wouldn't affect him at all. Since he feels confused about it, though, he must be feeling deep inside that he wants to do something about himself, or feels that he must. But since that's a different style from his usual, he doesn't know why he feels irritated but he can't help feeling irritated.
Shimazaki: Yes.
Miyano: If he really didn't feel anything, he could just keep on swimming. But when that staircase [to move ahead to his future] was prepared for him, he did take a proper moment to think about whether he wanted to climb it or not.
Shimazaki: Yes.
Miyano: So in the end, he takes that first step up towards adulthood…
Shimazaki: Why do you make that sound so chic?
Miyano: ROFL.
Shimazaki: No, sorry for interrupting, we're on a serious subject.
Miyano: So, in the end, he's able to feel that he does indeed have something fierce inside himself. That made me very happy to see, even as the audience.
Shimazaki: Yes. When [Haruka] first felt that Rin was a bright presence, that's what it was. In his nightmare, he sees Rin holding his hand out while this huge light shines from behind him. So, him thinking that Rin is bright is him thinking that the world [that Rin is in] is a bright one.
Miyano: Yeah, maybe somewhere in his heart he wanted to be in that world too, but when he realized that, he still thought "That's not cool" or "That's not true." So [not being honest with himself] is what keeps things from getting better for him.
Shimazaki: Yes.
Miyano: But by facing it… or rather, by having friends who make him face it… Within this Free! group, each person lived each moment of real life with value and they each shown through with great charm.
Shimazaki: It was very human-like drama, especially seeing Haruka being confused about his life and running away from it. Humans aren't like a book, they come with all sorts of contradicting emotions.
七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長), 橘 真琴(CV.鈴木達央), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守), 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼), 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔),
29,598 plays


Makoto and Rin with a Black Cat

Rin: Yo, Makoto. I’ve been waiting.
Makoto: Rin! I was so surprised when you called me and said, “come to Samezuka right now!” Did something happen?
Rin: Makoto. There’s something I want to ask you.
Makoto: What is it?
Rin: A while back, Nagisa told me this, but…
Makoto: Mm.
Rin: Is it true… That you’re used to handling cats?
Makoto: Mm. Eh? Ummmm. Cats?
Rin: Cats.
Makoto: Haha! Geez, you sounded so scary when you called I thought something had happened and rushed over here.
Rin: This is a huge problem! Look at this arm!
Makoto: Whoa, so many scratches… Rin, did a cat do this to you…?
Rin: Yeah. Thanks to this, every time I get into the pool or take a bath it stings like hell.
Makoto: What kind of cat was it that got you? A big one?
Rin: It’s a small cat, but it has pretty sharp claws. Every time I try to look after it, it always attacks me. It’s the first one that ever got me this bad…
Makoto: How ferocious is this cat, anyway?! Actually, if you got scratched that badly then just don’t get near it anymore!
Rin: Idiot! If I back out now it’ll be like I lost! I refuse to be put down by a cat! I’ll win it over if it’s the last thing I do!
Rin: So, Makoto! You’re coming too!
Makoto: Wahh, why?! Wait, stop pulling me! I can’t do anything either, if it’s that ferocious! I don’t want to get scratched!
Rin: Shut up, stop complaining.
Makoto: Nooo! Go by yourself, Rin!
Rin: Let’s go!

Makoto: Rin… Is this the courtyard or something? Isn’t it bad for an outsider like me to be here…?
Rin: It’s fine. The only people who come through here are the guys on the swim team. I’ll play it off when it comes down to that.
Makoto: Play it off…? So this really is bad, isn’t it!
Rin: Oh, be quiet. Just come with me. Over here.
Makoto: Ah, wait a second! It’s dark, so slow down a little…
Rin: Hey, Makoto. Over there!
Makoto: Huh? Where?
Rin: Mm. Look! That black cat over there!
Makoto: Eh? Ah! That one? Ah! It’s coming!
Cat: Meowww.
Makoto: Ah, it’s coming towards me! I don’t want to get scratched! Rin! You go in front!
Rin: Hey, don’t push!
Makoto: But it’s going to attack, isn’t it?!
Rin: Okay c’mon, you get in front!
Makoto: Seriously, don’t push!
Cat: Meow!
Makoto: Eh?
Rin: Eh?
Cat: Mrrow!
Makoto: Huh? It’s… not scratching. Haha, it’s rubbing against my leg. Oh, and it’s letting me pet it, too. Haha, it’s so cute. Like you said, it’s still a kitten.
Rin: H-Hey, Makoto…
Cat: Meow!
Makoto: Haha! Hey, that tickles! Haha, stop messing around! Haha!
Rin: ! Makoto! Switch with me!
Makoto: Hm? Sure?
Rin: Hmph. Here. I’ll pet you so come over here.
Cat: Hisssss! *scratch*
Rin: Gah! Ow!! This thing…!!
Makoto: Ah, Rin! Are you okay?!
Rin: Damn it, why am I the only one getting scratched?!
Makoto: Rin, don’t frown like that! Try maybe… you know, coming at it with a smile so that it doesn’t get scared of you. Right? Hehe.
Rin: O-Okay… Smile! …Like hell I could do that! I’m not you!! I can’t just smile like an idiot!
Makoto: That’s so mean! Geez! You used to laugh a lot before, too!
Rin: Don’t bring up the past!
Makoto: Try to remember those days! Come on, try bringing out a gentle smile! Alright? Rin. Riin? Riiiin? Rin!
Rin: GAH, I just have to do it right? Just do it…
Makoto: You can do it!
Rin: A-Ahem. …Y- You- You don’t have to be scared. C’mon, come over here.
Cat: Hissss! *scratch*
Rin: OWW! HEY, MAKOTO! It scratched me anyway!!
Makoto: Eh?! Why is that my fault?!
Cat: Meow!
Makoto: Ah. Haha, it’s rubbing up against me again. There, there, if you insist.
Rin: Makoto… you’re not hiding silver vine or something, are you?
  T/N: Silver vine is similar to catnip, but is more popular in Asia.
Makoto: Of course not!
Rin: Tch… I didn’t want to resort to this, but now I have no choice…! How about this?! There’s no cat that isn’t lured by food!
Makoto: Canned cat food?! Rin, you had that with you?!
Rin: Haha, I thought this would happen so I knew it’d be a good choice to prepare it beforehand!
Makoto: Exquisite taste to cats, chock full of tuna 100% bonito flavor! This might just do the trick!
Rin: Here, eat! Hey, don’t look away! There’s food, right here! What, you’re not gonna eat?!
Makoto: Hmm, it’s probably still wary…
Rin: So it’s still no good, huh…? Tsk. Hey Makoto, don’t you have any other ideas?
Makoto: Eh? Hmm… Oh, a cat toy!
Rin: Well that’s run of the mill.
Makoto: Oh, be quiet! Just take some grass from over there, and wave it back and forth… Hehe. Come on, over here! Here! Here!
Rin: Oh…!
Makoto: And, left this time! See? It’ll get excited and jump at it. I actually get really into it too, while doing this.
Rin: It’s really jumping at it!
Makoto: Do you want to try? Here, cat toy.
Rin: …S-Should I just swing it around like you were before?
Makoto: Yep. You might want to do it a little slower.
Rin: …Alright. Hey, look here. Here. …Oh. How’s this? Over here!
Makoto: Haha! That’s amazing, Rin! You’re playing with it!
Rin: Haha! Geez, that took long enough! I feel so much better now! C’mon, over here. Haha! It’s really cute when it gets attached to you. I’d like to introduce the two of them some time.
Makoto: Eh? Who?
Rin: Huh? Oh… I picked up a stray, before. I’m talking about the cat I picked up. I’m looking after it in an old school building that isn’t being used anymore.
Makoto: Oh? Haha. So in the end, you really are a nice person.
Rin: Ah! No, that was… it was raining, and it was wandering around like it didn’t have any place to go… so I didn’t have a choice!
Makoto: Hehe!
Rin: It’s not like I could just leave it alone after finding it! That’s all!
Makoto: Haha! Hey, Rin. Introduce me next time, too. I’d like to see what kind of cat you picked up.
Rin: …F-Fine. Next time. I’ll introduce you as thanks for today.
Makoto: Mm. Thanks. I’m looking forward to it.
Rin: Yeah.

…Jumping on the drama CD bandwagon. Rin and Makoto are so frigging cute it’s ridiculous I don’t even ship them but ahhhhhhh. Cats. Mamo. Tattsun ;_; This whole CD is amazing.


sensei just can’t catch a break

Ok got some Seamonkey requests. But they may seem/are NSFW.... Um... 1) bathing together. 2) their "first time". 3) a Seamonkey/Hijack clothes switch. I'm sorry, I'm trash.


i got lazy im sry


 Haru’s fortune

(inspired by x, s2 fortune translation)

七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長), 橘 真琴(CV.鈴木達央), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守), 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼), 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔),
2.岩鳶高校水泳部 新入生勧誘番組
6,632 plays


Track 2: Iwatobi High Swim Club’s New Member Recruitment Program

N: (sighs) Rei-chan, we didn’t get any new members, huh? Even though we definitely left good results at the assembly…

R: Nagisa-kun, at any rate, the assembly certainly was a great chance to get new members… However, even with that, if we can’t gather new members, then we’ll have to come up with a new idea.

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My boy Nishinoya nearly got abducted by aliens this week. But thanks to the help of Yamaguchi and his adorable freckled face, they managed to anchor themselves firmly to the ground and resist being taken away by the aliens.




The one thing that I never fully understood about FMA was the fact that Ed never got a military uniform.  They literally let the little runt wear whatever.


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